Friday, June 23, 2006

So I called DC again and was told that Chuck had not taken a "public position" on net neutrality. Presumably he has actually decided how to vote, privately, but doesn't feel that it's his responsibility to tell us what his private decision is. Or, perhaps, he's still waiting to see whether he can get away with feeding the telcos--whether enough of us are angry enough to override the lobbyists. So keep making those calls.

I also called the staffer, Sam Schaeffer, we met during the Easter recess. He refused, quite strongly in the end, to engage in any substantive discussion, saying that he was not going to debate me on the merits of the isssue.

This is plainly because there are no merits--that there is nothing in the public interest in giving power over what content is presented to a duopoly (your phone company or your cable company). This is a rerun of the telecom bill of 1996, which gave concessions to the phone companies worth tens of billions of dollars, while allowing them to make service worse. Actually, this is worse. Reversing net neutrality would be taking something that has never been in the private sphere, never been dictated by corporate interests, and move it there, despite the enormous success of the current model.

Call Chuck. You'll get the tally response, or the hasn't decided response. Call nonetheless.


At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jay, it's great that you're keeping a detailed blog of this politician's activities. However, you are completely wasting your time by nagging this senator's staff. What do you hope to accomplish??? Congressional votes are decided through last-minute brokering. The concerns of some persistent citizens, concentrated in phone calls, emails, and faxes, play no role in this process. This goes for any congressional office. I would recommend you concentrate your attention to thoroughly researching and writing this blog, as you will have an indefinitely greater impact.

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