Monday, July 31, 2006

When the going gets tough, Chuck sits down. It was nice to see Chris Dodd out in front and in opposition to John Bolton, but now the NY Sun is reporting that Chuck says that a filibuster is "unlikely."

The Sun says Schumer

supported an effort last year to block Mr. Bolton's nomination from gaining a full Senate vote, but he confirmed that he is considering changing his position.

New York's senior senator said he was weighing Mr. Bolton's backing of Israel against his unwillingness to work with other countries at the United Nations. "There's a good part of Bolton. He's been a staunch and very good defender of Israel," Mr. Schumer said on CNN's "Late Edition." "There's a bad part of Bolton. He seems to have a ‘go it alone' attitude at a time when we need the nations of the world on our side. We've seen that in Iran and North Korea."

Mr. Schumer said he had not made a final decision on which way to vote and that a lot of Democrats were also contemplating their position.

Can anyone say AIPAC?


At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seeing how that Bush-Lieberman "Kiss" was the kiss of death for ole' Joementum, I am reminded that Bush also gave Chuck a very similiar "smooch" at a SOU address immediately following the 9/11 attack? It struck me then as a little odd -- but Chuck was telling all that Dubya had "promised him" $20 Billion to make NYC "whole again" after the attacks...
Of course, classic Bush and Schumer -- it didn't get past $5B and NYS or NYC still not whole. NYS went into a near tailspin w their nxt budgets -- gutting aid to cities by 90%.
Question is: Can you do some digging and get that smoch shot? I would like Chuck's nxt opponent to use it for humane purposes only!


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